OUR MISSION IS TO TAKE TRAVELLERS BEYOND THE EXPECTED OLTRE is an entirely new kind of travel publication with a fresh perspective meant to inspire you to travel beyond. OLTRE is an Italian word meaning “beyond, over and above.” And that’s what we strive to do for our clients: Plan travel experiences that go beyond the expected. Consider OLTRE a collectable little black book of the best discoveries around the world. To your next adventure, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA FEATURE ARTICLES INCLUDE: Enjoy this issue with our compliments — and let us know when you’re ready to see the world from a …

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EMBARK ON AN EXCLUSIVE F1 MONACO ADVENTURE The Monaco Grand Prix is not only the world’s most glamorous race but also one of the oldest — first held in 1929. I’m sharing how you can arrive at this exclusive, historic event by yacht on the new World Traveller and how to insure your trip. And with summer in full swing, I couldn’t help but share a few travel skincare tips for keeping a glowing face on all your upcoming journeys. To your next voyage, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA LET’S TALK TRIP PROTECTION When you work with a travel advisor, you’ve already …

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SPECTACULAR SUMMER GETAWAYS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Summer is one of my favourite seasons, so I want to ensure you make the most of every moment. I’m sharing a Costa Rican destination with family-friendly experiences because nothing says vacation like surfing and sunshine. And in celebration of Independence Day next month, I’ve been eyeing some bucket-list worthy firework shows to keep on your family’s travel radar this year, in 2024 and beyond. To your next family getaway, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA For a tailored travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in luxury travel, …

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NORTHERN FAMILY ESCAPES: CANADIAN RETREATS & WILDLIFE Whether you’re planning to escape the heat this summer or already looking ahead at winter retreats, I have a few ideas in mind for you and your family. Below I’m sharing details on Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort in British Columbia, as well as where you can safely admire some of the world’s most majestic animals in Manitoba. To lasting travel memories, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA For a tailored travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in luxury travel, we offer our clients insights and personally curated …

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TRADITION MEETS MODERNITY IN BANGKOK Tropical beauty, ancient temples and an epic food scene — there’s no question why Thailand is on so many of my clients’ bucket lists. With rich history matched by a modern culinary scene, there’s excitement around every corner in the capital city. I’m sharing where to stay for luxurious amenities, as well as where to indulge in the best flavours of the ‘Land of Smiles.’ To your next adventure, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA For a tailored travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in luxury travel, we offer our …

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HAVE YOUR SAY AND CAST YOUR VOTE FOR GLOBAL TRAVEL MOMENTS YOUR FAVOURITE TAILOR-MADE TRAVEL “SPECIALIST” As a travel advisor, I strive to offer my clients and community of travellers expert service, captivating itineraries, and – most of all – unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. In the spirit of best-in-class service, I am proud to announce Global Travel Moments’ nomination for the prestigious 2023 Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice awards, in the Tours Operators & Specialists category. I would be deeply honoured if you would take a few moments and cast your vote. Not only would winning this award be …

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TREAT YOURSELF: WORLD-CLASS SERVICE AND OPULENCE When I think of what makes vacations memorable, top-tier service is high on the list. For your next trip, I’m sharing hotel and yacht collections that encompass ultimate service — luxury concierge, superior dining and exclusive experiences — that’ll leave you raving for years to come. To your next adventure, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA Get in touch by completing the form below or why not just give me a call, go on let’s get the conversation started!


CULINARY ADVENTURES TO SAVOUR Europe has been home to some of the world’s most influential civilisations, the cultures of which have been passed down through the generations. For your next vacation, I’m sharing “gastronomic cities” that are celebrated around the world for their tried-and-true cultural recipes and bold flavours. Bon appétit, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA THREE FOODIE CITIES FOR A CULINARY ESCAPE If you’ve been craving a new culinary adventure, look no further than these beloved European cities. With centuries worth of rich history, culture and traditions, each destination offers its own unique flavours and gastronomical experiences. From modern Michelin-starred restaurants …

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SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: MORE THAN A BUZZ PHRASE In light of Earth Day over the weekend, I’ve been reflecting on ways we can all become more Earth-conscious travellers throughout the year. Fortunately, sustainability has become a driving force for the way resorts, restaurants and even airlines are improving their practices. Whether the beaches of Florida or the fine dining of Europe is calling your name, I’m sharing plenty of exciting travel ideas on my radar — and ways to elevate your trip sustainably. To your next getaway, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA   SPARKING ECO-FRIENDLY TRAVEL The future of planet-friendly travel has every …

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