Abercrombie Private Jet

EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL: CONNECT, RESTORE AND GROW The milestones of our lives are often defined by transformative moments, like landing a dream job, moving into a new home or welcoming a child. Oftentimes, experiential travel can create the same kind of life-changing “ah-ha” moments. That’s why this week, I’m sharing experiential adventures that are not only fun and insightful but transformative. Our partner, Abercrombie & Kent put together luxury experiences you’ll reflect on for decades to come. When you journey through Africa with a small group, you’ll connect with wildlife, new friends and unique cultures like never before. And when you reach …

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A journey to Ireland is a bucket-list getaway for many of my clients, so in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I rounded up several of my favourite ways to experience the best of this remarkable country. I know you’ll love exploring medieval castles with a knowledgeable private guide, and even spending the night in one of these magnificent, historic landmarks. If the Celtic Sea is calling your name, I also have itinerary ideas from Celebrity Cruises with plenty of enriching days ashore. Let’s connect and make our own luck; which attractions and destinations sound the most charming to you? To …

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SCORE THE ULTIMATE AUSTRALIAN GETAWAY The sixth largest country in the world, Australia has a big personality to match. That’s why I know you’ll love exploring the vast landscapes, from the rainforest to the Outback. Because there’s so much to experience here, I’m sharing seven of my favourite resorts and hotels near many iconic sights. Australia is the most multicultural country on the planet and is home to the world’s oldest living civilisation. Let’s connect to discuss where you can discover spectacular Aboriginal museums and art, and which celebrated landmarks you’ve been dreaming of visiting. To your next koala encounter, …

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Get ready to pack for a variety of destinations and climates! I have some epic cruise journeys I know you’ll fall in love with, and I wanted to share which airlines offer the best entertainment for your journey to the departing port. Expedition and around-the-world cruises provide ultimate itineraries, packed with international destinations in otherwise hard-to-reach places. Let’s connect to arrange a journey of a lifetime, filled with Instagram-worthy sights, new friends and entertaining flights. To exploring the unexpected, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA For a tailored travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in luxury …

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THE MEDITERRANEAN IS CALLING I know I’m not the only one who loves exploring ancient Europe. There’s nothing like the thrill of climbing the Acropolis with a private guide or venturing out to an actual excavation site — and skipping the crowd. I was speaking with a colleague who had recently had such a thrill. After a couple of history-packed days, she headed to the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Ithaca to relax and recharge. This conversation inspired me to share some of my favourite hotel and resort recommendations that are sure to pique your interest in this fabulous destination. The …

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Experience Space Perspective

For a tailored travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in luxury travel, we offer our clients insights and personally curated itineraries that take the stress out of travel, allowing more time to decompress and discover and explore your chosen destination while you’re on the road. Get in touch by completing the form below or why not just give me a call, go on let’s get the conversation started!


Patina Fari Island Maldives

5 REASONS TO STAY AT PATINA MALDIVES, FARI ISLANDS I am beyond excited to share a first-of-its-kind travel opportunity with you that will surely tick all the boxes on your travel wish list! Patina Maldives, Fari Islands – the brand new flagship for Patina, an elevated lifestyle brand by Capella Hotel Group – allows socially and environmentally conscious travellers to connect through a journey of beauty, creativity, and discovery. For my personal take on this exceptional property watch the highlights of my recent trip to Patina on my Instagram here TO YOUR FUTURE TRAVELS, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA 5 REASONS TO …

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WHERE WILL YOU GO THIS YEAR? We’re all seeking those unforgettable travel moments that take our breath away. Yes, even I crave those moments! If you haven’t made your New Year resolution yet, I encourage you to make it simple: travel more. Chase life’s “oohs and aaas” through adventures and extraordinary sights few others get to see. With my expertise and relationships, you can sail to the most remote places on Earth and experience places most only dream of. Imagine floating alongside an immense glacier in Antarctica, snorkelling in the untouched tropical waters of the Galápagos Islands, or watching great …

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Breaking ocean

UNFORGETTABLE NEW PROPERTIES TO EXPLORE THIS NEW YEAR! With the closing of one year comes the beginning of a new one. Find inspiration for your new year – and the wonder that comes with it – as you explore two of Four Seasons’ incredible new properties in the vibrancy of Nashville, or on pristine beaches in Tamarindo, México. Let’s talk more about these luxurious hot spots so you’ll be amongst the first to experience a customised holiday at one of the newest Four Seasons resort destinations! Looking forward to hearing from you, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, VCTA CLICK TO REQUEST DETAILS For …

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Staring in Space

SPACEFLIGHT REIMAGINED | A TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE Have you dreamed about going to space… Space Perspective, the world’s leading luxury space travel experience company, is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of seeing Earth from the edge of space with as many people as possible. I’m sure having this quintessential astronaut experience will radically shift your perception of our world and place within it. Propelled by a SpaceBalloon™, Spaceship Neptune travels at the gentle speed of 12 mph to the edge of space – without required training or g-forces. Your journey inside a pressurized capsule is designed to …

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