Belmond Caruso Pool

CHOOSE YOUR GRAND TOUR ADVENTURE ACROSS ITALY, MALLORCA & MADEIRA I am thrilled to extend to you a very exciting and exclusive offer from my partners at Belmond — if you’ve been itching for European adventure, this is just for you. Enjoy a minimum of seven blissful nights at your choice of two or more Belmond properties across Italy, Spain, and Portugal. With 10 luxury retreats set in picture-perfect locations, you’re sure to be blown away with any combination of destinations you choose. Next steps? Enjoy a few sample itineraries below, and simply reach out to save 20% on this …

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Business Travellers

FLY FEBRUARY ’22 | A MONTHLY CHECK-IN FOR BUSINESS TRAVELLERS Earlier this month, the EU officially scrapped the traffic light system and introduced new individual-based travel restrictions. So, where does that leave you as a business traveller? As travel starts to pick up this Spring, from air to hotel, we invite you to get in touch to ensure you have all your essential travel details squared away for your future travel. In the meantime, enjoy a few industry update articles we have rounded up. For a tailored business travel experience, plan your upcoming trip with us today. With over 25 years of experience in …

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THRILLING & UNIQUE OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH ADVENTURES Up for adventure? Consider this your friendly reminder that we live on a wild and beautiful planet worthy of exploration. To honour this, I’ve compiled a few thrilling experiences to some of the most fascinating places on earth. From island archipelagos to sun-drenched savannah to glacial ice-fields… this is sure to inspire your next great adventure. Get in touch for experiences filled with remarkable landscapes, fascinating creatures —  and creature comforts, to boot! Perhaps the greatest luxury of all? The deep sense of appreciation you’ll feel for journeying to a wild and magical place. GLAMP IN THE GALÁPAGOS ABOARD AN ECO-FRIENDLY YACHT …

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PRIVATE VILLA LUXURY WITH ONE&ONLY RESORTS At home in the world’s most inspiring locations, each hand-picked for exceptional beauty and unique cultural charm, One&Only Resorts are havens of outstanding style and service that place you in the heart of every fascinating environment. From incredible authentic cuisine to unique tailored excursions—and not forgetting each resort has its own collection of exceptional suites and private villas—below are just a few of the more private experiences on offer in the One&Only Collection. When the moment of inspiration strikes, allow me to design an upscale and private holiday for you and your favourite travel …

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SPRINGTIME ESCAPES (WHERE THE GRASS REALLY IS GREENER) Ahh, the colour green. Nature’s most prominent hue and one that evokes feelings of peace, renewal and refreshment. As winter stretches on, you might be tempted by greener pastures that lie abroad. From the Scottish Highlands to the rainforests of Costa Rica, rolling vineyards of Tuscany, and last (but not least) striking Pitons of St. Lucia, there’s no shortage of color, culture and splendor to absorb. Get in touch today to saturate your spring in gorgeous hues and exceptional experiences. For travel near or far, I can’t wait to plan your safe …

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SOULFUL DESTINATIONS TO FOCUS ON YOU There is much to be said about the health effects of minimalism, like living with clarity and intention, the ability to heal, and regaining balance in our lives. On that note, it may be good for your health to learn that the complex travel requirements of 2021 got a makeover in simplicity: the UK’s traffic light system is now a single red list (currently empty), and inbound coronavirus testing requirements are no longer. Could this stress-relieving news be the catalyst for a much-needed winter wellness escape under the golden sun? Browse the below inspiration …

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FLY JANUARY 2022 | A MONTHLY CHECK-IN FOR BUSINESS TRAVELLERS We’re just a few weeks into the new year, and it seems that “simplification” is the word—and a welcome one at that. In 2021, constant changes to travel restrictions and testing requirements had kept us braced for news headlines of decisions that would impact our business travel industry. These days, we’re relieved to see that the traffic light system has been eliminated, pre-departure travel tests are getting scrapped, and on a highly positive note, there are plenty of new routes from London to enjoy. As you consider how you will be …

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The first week of January marks an exciting time to reflect and set intentions for the new year. I hope 2022 feels like a fresh beginning to embrace carpe diem, and that you seize and celebrate moments in everyday life that make you feel like you’re on vacation!

An Insider’s Guide to a Family Escape in the Maldives

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

With endless opportunity for adventure and escape both above and below the sea, the Maldives offers an unrivalled luxury destination for all ages. Discover all you need to know in our insider’s guide to a family escape in the Maldives. Perfectly positioned along the equator line in the Arabian Sea, the Maldives has earned a notable reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. But this enchanting archipelago, where barefoot luxury meets world-class service, is more than just an exotic lovers’ escape. Comprised of approximately 1,200 islands and over 130 resorts, there’s an unforgettable experience waiting for the …

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An Insider’s Guide to Honeymooning in the Maldives

Check out our exclusive insider’s guide for everything you need to know about honeymooning in the Maldives.