Understanding Travel Insurance:

Your Essential Guide to a Safe and Worry-Free Journey

When planning a trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a round-the-world adventure, the thrill of discovery is often at the forefront, not travel insurance. Amidst booking flights, planning itineraries, and daydreaming about new destinations, one crucial aspect often gets overlooked: insurance. At Global Travel Moments, we understand that safeguarding your travel experience is as important as the trip itself. Here’s why travel insurance is indispensable and why we recommend seeking professional advice when choosing the right cover for your journey.

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Why Travel Insurance is Essential

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind:

Travel insurance provides peace of mind by protecting you against unexpected events that could derail your trip. From medical emergencies and trip cancellations to lost baggage and travel delays, a comprehensive travel insurance policy ensures you're covered, allowing you to enjoy your travels without worry.

Medical Emergencies
Medical Emergencies:

Medical treatment abroad can be prohibitively expensive. In the US, healthcare costs can be astronomical without insurance. A robust travel insurance policy covers emergency medical expenses, hospital stays, and even medical evacuations, ensuring you receive the care you need without incurring crippling costs.

Trip Cancellations
Trip Cancellations and Interruptions:

Life is unpredictable. Travel insurance protects your investment if you need to cancel or cut short your trip due to unforeseen circumstances like illness, family emergencies, or severe weather. This coverage can reimburse non-refundable expenses, saving you from financial loss.

Lost or Delayed Baggage:
Lost or Delayed Baggage:

Losing your luggage or experiencing delays can be more than an inconvenience. Travel insurance covers the cost of replacing essential items and offers compensation for the delay, helping you manage these disruptions smoothly.

Personal Liability:
Personal Liability:

Accidents can happen. Personal liability coverage within travel insurance protects you in case you accidentally cause injury to someone else or damage their property while travelling.

24/7 Assistance:
24/7 Assistance:

Most travel insurance policies offer round-the-clock assistance for emergencies, providing support for medical, legal, and travel-related issues. This service is invaluable in unfamiliar environments where language barriers and local regulations can complicate matters.

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Why Seek Professional Advice?

Navigating the Options
Navigating the Options:

The world of travel insurance can be complex, with myriad options available. From single-trip and annual multi-trip policies to specialist cover for activities like skiing or scuba diving, choosing the right policy can be daunting. Consulting a professional insurance advisor helps you navigate these options and select the best cover for your needs.

Tailored Solution
Tailored Solutions:

Professional advisors understand the nuances of different policies and can tailor solutions to match your specific travel plans. Whether you’re embarking on a short city break or a long-term adventure, they ensure you have the appropriate cover for every scenario.

Understanding Policy Details:
Understanding Policy Details:

Insurance policies often contain jargon and fine print that can be confusing. An advisor clarifies these details, ensuring you understand what is covered, what isn’t, and any conditions or exclusions that apply. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Claims Assistance:
Claims Assistance:

If you need to make a claim, professional advisors can guide you through the process, helping you gather the necessary documentation and ensuring a smooth, efficient experience.

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The Global Perspective: US vs UK Travel Insurance

US Perspective
US Perspective:

Healthcare Coverage Gaps: Many US health plans don’t cover international travel, making travel insurance crucial for filling these gaps.

Policy Variability: Insurance regulations and policy terms can vary by state, so understanding the specifics is important.

Primary vs. Secondary Coverage: US policies often offer primary (pays first) or secondary (reimburses expenses after other insurance) coverage options.

UK Perspective:
UK Perspective:

EHIC/GHIC: While the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provide some coverage in Europe, travel insurance is still essential for comprehensive cover.

Policy Excess: Known as the deductible in US terms, the amount you must pay towards a claim can vary, so it’s vital to understand your policy’s excess.

Specialist Policies: Options like backpacker insurance and winter sports cover are widely available and tailored to specific travel types.

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Always Insure, No Matter the Trip

Whether you’re heading out on a short business trip, a family holiday, or an extended adventure, never underestimate the importance of travel insurance. Even seemingly straightforward trips can encounter unexpected issues, and having the right cover can make all the difference. Here’s why you should always take out travel insurance:

At Global Travel Moments, we advocate for the essential role of travel insurance in ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. We strongly recommend that travellers consult with a professional insurance agency or broker to choose the best policy for their needs. By seeking expert advice, you can protect yourself from unexpected events and travel with confidence. Remember, no matter how small the trip, having travel insurance is a crucial part of your travel planning.

For further assistance in planning your next extraordinary journey, contact Global Travel Moments. While we don’t sell travel insurance ourselves, we are happy to recommend reputable insurance professionals who can help you secure the protection you need.

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Working with Duncan on creating our Mexico trip was a pleasure.
Total professional. 100% client focused.

Harry R.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Duncan who planned an extraordinary trip to Thailand for me and my family. From start to finish, the entire experience was seamless and enjoyable. Duncan took the time to get to know us and understand our interests and preferences, and as a result, he put together an itinerary that was perfectly tailored to our needs. Duncan arranged for us to stay in some of the most beautiful and unique accommodations I have ever seen. Throughout our trip, we had access to knowledgeable and friendly guides who took us to some of the most incredible sites in Thailand. From exploring ancient temples to visiting local markets and sampling delicious cuisine, every day was filled with new and exciting experiences. Overall, I cannot recommend Duncan highly enough. His expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to providing an unforgettable travel experience truly set him apart. ”

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Just to say thanks. We had a lovely time at the Continental Oslo. Great hotel and even better service. Location perfect.
Thanks for suggesting and arranging, will certainly come back. ”

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Above and beyond may be an understatement. Rarely do you encounter a company with such professionalism and thorough, thoughtful service. I was trying to plan a trip to the Victoria Falls to propose to my partner. Naturally, I was quite nervous and wanted to secure a little extra luxury. Butter her up a bit, to secure that all important "YES"!! Duncan and the team from GTM not only made the sure that the experience was once-in-a-lifetime special, they also catered to our every need. From flights to food to accommodation to activities. They really did handle it all, allowing us to relax and enjoy our holiday stress-free. P.S. We got engaged!”

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Thank you very much for all your assistance with our travel to London. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the tours that you helped plan. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone planning any travel. ”

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Where do I even start! A huge THANK YOU to Duncan for arranging the trip of our lifetime! My now husband and I were looking for the perfect destination for our honeymoon and Duncan helped us find our paradise in the Maldives. To say the least, he went above and beyond! We even mentioned during our trip that without Duncan, we don't believe we could have made the trip as smooth as it was on our own. He was not only available for any questions we had but always on top of any changing information and extremely helpful and communicative. Our time in Finolhu was so special and Duncan was a major reason why. Flying literally across the world, we never stressed getting there or back and he helped picking the perfect place for us. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else as a travel agent! Duncan allowed us the peace of mind a newly married couple should have on the most special vacation of their lives - their honeymoon. We are so happy to have found our travel advisor for life 😊!

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It was great working with Duncan! Although I had never met him, and had no prior relationship, he made it a great trip! His insights are very helpful and we stayed at places we never would’ve thought of. He also referred us to our guide Emily who was equally fun to work with.”


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Duncan helped arrange an escape to New York for my son and I, the trip was as expected superb in every way!”

Martyn M.

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I celebrated my wedding anniversary and asked Duncan to assist me in surprising my husband on a night away. I thought I’d left it too late to organise with a week to go but Duncan was able to find me a hotel that matched my needs with ease. He used his connections to ensure our time away was special and upon our return, Duncan checked that we had an enjoyable experience. I’m glad I used Duncan for this special occasion and while it wasn’t the luxury African safari or dream getaway that I really need and deserve, Duncan still made me feel valued and understood the importance of this mini-break to me. Thank you Duncan!”

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“Wow! What can I say about Global Travel Moments? Words can't explain... Duncan helped me get my daughter back from New Zealand during the Coronavirus crisis. When borders were closing and flights being cancelled, Duncan was on hand to help. It did not matter that it was 6am on a Saturday. My family and I are so grateful and cannot wait until we can enjoy more of his amazing service”

Debra. P & Family

MML Capital

“I’ve known Duncan for several years and he is exceptionally creative putting forward recommendations and suggestions tailored to our individual needs. Duncan is extremely well connected, reliable and always a pleasure to work with.

Roberta Pasquino, Office Manager – M&M CAPITAL LTD

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“Having worked with Duncan before, I have always been supremely impressed with his knowledge and insight into the hotel and tourism industry. He has a natural knack at thinking outside the box and putting his clients first.”

Shona Pittaway, Managing Director | PERFECT SAFARIS


“I have had the pleasure of working with Duncan for many years in his various roles. He is an exceptional and talented individual who is a genuine pleasure to do business with. Always ready with a smile, is relationship driven, forward thinking and will go out of his way to find an appropriate solutions when challenges crop up. I am excited to continue to support and work with him.”

Louise M. Whitney, Director of Hotel Marketing | ALTOUR

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“I worked with Duncan when he was a part of the opening team of a luxury central London property. He was so open minded and forward thinking, extremely relationship driven and really focused on working with partners to generate the best results.

Duncan takes a holistic approach to his partnerships and works hard to ensure that they work in the most successful way possible. He sees obstacles as opportunities to work with and overcome. I would love to work with him again in the future..”

Anna Cort, Global Director Hotel Programs | KIWI COLLECTION

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“I have been fortunate to partner with Duncan in his previous and current capacity. His knowledge, customer dedication, professionalism, and attentiveness is beyond impressive. Working with him is always a delight!

Angelique Johns, Chief Wanderer | WANDERLUX COLLECTION

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“Duncan Greenfield-Turk is a creative, charismatic and very well-connected sales and marketing expert, specializing in the luxury hospitality sector. I have worked closely with him on two exciting projects, and he is a joy to work with!”

Sally Hawkins, Creative Director and Chairman | THE COMMUNICATION GROUP

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