An Insider’s Guide to the Mayan Riviera

Check out our exclusive insider’s guide for everything you need to know about traveling to the Mayan Riviera.

An Insider’s Guide to New York

Empire State

Busy, bustling, and beautiful; the ever-evolving New York City is an iconic global destination, recognised worldwide as a capital of media, finance, and culture. We’ve curated an insider’s guide for everything you need to know about travelling to New York City.

An Insider’s Guide to Mumbai

November through February is Mumbai’s mild winter season, offering the most pleasant climate and a number of festivals and activities for travellers to experience, such as the Elephanta Festival or Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. From March to May, temperatures climb as high as 40°C, while monsoon season brings heavy rains from June to October. 

An Insider’s Guide to Singapore

An established player in the global economy and a multicultural melting pot, Singapore has emerged in recent years as a top destination for tourism and business travellers alike. Blending sleek, modern skyscrapers against thriving natural greenery, the city-state has a distinguished futuristic feel, offering luxury amongst an aura of advancement. Check out our exclusive insider’s guide for everything you need to know about traveling to Singapore in 2020.   When to Travel A year-round destination, the biggest factor to keep in mind when planning travel to Singapore is weather. Like much of Southeast Asia, Singapore’s wet season is characterised by …

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An Insider’s Guide to Dubai

A popular global destination, Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ elite urban jungle, as rich in tradition as it is in extravagance. A centre of tourism and business for the Middle East, Dubai offers travellers unique experience and modern luxury around every turn. Check out our exclusive insider’s guide for everything you need to know about travelling to Dubai. When to Travel Situated in the Arabian desert, Dubai’s climate can be characterized as hot and humid year-round. The summer season, lasting from April to October, sees temperatures as high as 40°C! Peak travel season coincides with Dubai’s “winter”, November through …

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An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sky Line

One of the world’s busiest and most significant financial centres, Hong Kong is an unmistakable metropolis where Eastern and Western worlds collide. From traditional Cantonese cultural attractions to sleek rooftop bars atop the city’s skyscraper-peppered skyline, explore our insider’s guide for everything you need to know about travelling to Hong Kong. When to Travel Hong Kong’s summer season is characterised by regular bouts of rain and lasts from late May to mid-September, with temperatures averaging in the low 30’s. In contrast, December to February sees a cooler, drier climate, but larger crowds. Where to Stay The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong …

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Travel in the Age of Covid-19

disposable mask

COVID-19 has changed not only the way we travel but where we are planning to go as well as how and with whom we will travel. After months of lockdown, some governments have begun opening their borders and are allowing tourism to return; albeit with new restrictions or requirements. However, moving from a “collective pause” to getting back-to-business is not without challenges. Explore my tops tips on travel in the age of Covid-19.

The Ultimate Guide for Travellers with Hidden Disabilities

Travelling with a Hidden Disability

For travellers with hidden disabilities, the normal stress associated with travel (whether for business or pleasure) is compounded by several additional factors. Whether you’re a travel companion, event planner, group coordinator, travel manager or an individual personally affected by a hidden disability, it’s important to understand what proactive steps you can take to ensure a smooth trip.

Low Cost with High Value, Vilnius is Perfect for a Summer Incentive


Lithuania, that mysterious southernmost country of Europe’s Baltic states, has probably not been at the top of your list or indeed even on your radar as you plan your summer group and incentive travel. After all, you are planning a showcase and showstopper to recognise, reward, motivate, and above all else show gratitude to the top performers, your companies key clients and or your colleagues in general, aren’t you?  I mean this is your chance to present a sparkling, one-off opportunity for your guests or delegates to discover something new and exciting, all wrapped up in a rich sensory experience …

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An Insider’s Guide to Incentive Travel

Sunset Cliff Expedition

Incentive programs have long been an integral part of business. Explore our insider’s guide on the importance of incentive travel and business Retreats.