The Ultimate Guide for Travellers with Hidden Disabilities

Travelling with a Hidden Disability

For travellers with hidden disabilities, the normal stress associated with travel (whether for business or pleasure) is compounded by several additional factors. Whether you’re a travel companion, event planner, group coordinator, travel manager or an individual personally affected by a hidden disability, it’s important to understand what proactive steps you can take to ensure a smooth trip.

Low Cost with High Value, Vilnius is Perfect for a Summer Incentive


Lithuania, that mysterious southernmost country of Europe’s Baltic states, has probably not been at the top of your list or indeed even on your radar as you plan your summer group and incentive travel. After all, you are planning a showcase and showstopper to recognise, reward, motivate, and above all else show gratitude to the top performers, your companies key clients and or your colleagues in general, aren’t you?  I mean this is your chance to present a sparkling, one-off opportunity for your guests or delegates to discover something new and exciting, all wrapped up in a rich sensory experience …

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The True Value of Partnering with an Event Advisor

What was the most amazing event you’ve ever been to? Whichever glittering party, wedding, or corporate awayday you’re recalling right now, chances are you’re remembering the way the whole experience made you feel. For the same reason, you can probably recall an event you didn’tenjoy just as easily (if you were one of the unlucky people who bought tickets to 2017’s doomed Fyre Festival, no doubt the harrowing experience will still be fresh in your mind!) What really separates a divine event from a disastrous one is expert attention to detail.  The location, theme, décor, and entertainment – not to …

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Why Travel Advisors are Here to Stay!

Get in Touch

Back in the Eighties, you could not walk down a street without passing a bright-and-breezy High Street travel agency! They were every would-be traveller’s first port of call, where families, couples and friends flipped through page upon page of travel brochures and spent hours discussing the right package holidays. Since then the travel industry has undergone an enormous transformation, a revolution if you will. In fact, with the demise of many of the high street stores you’d be forgiven for thinking the age of the “Travel Advisor” was dead. After all, who needs a travel brochure or indeed actual people when …

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Influencer Marketing: A Match made in Heaven?

Without any doubt, the current most talked-about example of influencer marketing in action is last year’s doomed Fyre Festival. The Netflix documentary Fyre:The Greatest Party That Never Happened tells the full story, which begins with an exclusive collection of world-famous influencers hyping the festival to secure vast levels of investment. As effective a strategy as this turned out to be, the person who really influenced the public view of Fyre was one Twitter user with fewer than 500 followers.  He posted a now-infamous image (of a limp cheese sandwich) that trended within seconds, eventually bringing the entire event to its knees. …

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