The True Value of Partnering with an Event Advisor

What was the most amazing event you’ve ever been to?

Whichever glittering party, wedding, or corporate awayday you’re recalling right now, chances are you’re remembering the way the whole experience made you feel.

For the same reason, you can probably recall an event you didn’tenjoy just as easily (if you were one of the unlucky people who bought tickets to 2017’s doomed Fyre Festival, no doubt the harrowing experience will still be fresh in your mind!)

What really separates a divine event from a disastrous one is expert attention to detail.  The location, theme, décor, and entertainment – not to mention food and drink – will blend beautifully as one, to form an instantly captivating and memorable guest experience.

It’s in this expert attention to detail that the services of a professional events advisor really come into their own.

Let’s face it, organising an event can be a real headache for most people – not to mention something of a risk.

What that means is, if you happen to be the person in charge of the event, then you’ll get all the gratitude and the glory if things go well.  But you’ll also be in line for criticism if they don’t.

Of course, the problem is that it doesn’t take very much for even the most meticulously planned event to lurch from good to bad.  Just think of the 2017 Oscars ceremony, where a blunder involving a humble envelope caused the wrong film to be announced as ‘Best Picture’ – resulting in bright red faces all round!

Rest assured, the right advisor will not only help you plan your event with expert precision, they will also be on hand to assist and where possible rescue any epic-potential slip-ups…

…all while you and your guests get on with enjoying yourselves in effortless style!

So, no matter who you are, or whatever event you’ve got in mind – whether it’s your favourite niece’s wedding day, a milestone birthday celebration, or a group incentive trip, here are all the ways in which a professional events advisor will get things going with a swing:

They’re equipped with all the right resources and knowledge

With so many different aspects to consider, an event wish-list can start to get over-aspirational…something like Veruca Salt’s song from the classic film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’:

“I want a party with roomfuls of laughter,

Ten thousand tonnes of ice cream!”

But the fantastic thing about working with a professional events advisor, is that they’re very likely to help you actually get what you want.

Your advisor will have spent years honing professional relationships, both at home and overseas.  The result is a global contact list bulging with vendors, suppliers, entertainers and hosts, that will help them pull all the right strings when needed.

This can be especially beneficial when it comes to corporate events that aim to impress.  What better way to wow your guests (and knock the socks off your competition) than by hiring an exclusive central London venue that allows access to its scenic rooftop just a handful of times per year?

They make it personal

Your advisor should always start by listening carefully to your requirements, so they can fully understand the event’s main objective, and the potential expectations of its guests.

They will then get to work on transforming your ideas into a feasible reality, offering creative recommendations that blend perfectly with your event’s theme and overall message.

For example, team spirit is key when it comes to corporate get-togethers, so they’ll ensure bonding activities are included that work with your company’s values and culture, bathing your brand in the best possible light.

Meanwhile, awaydays can be given a boost with fun and unusual sightseeing experiences, such as an Italian Job-style city tour in a gleaming procession of Mini Coopers (with walkie-talkies and your own personal getaway driver included!)

In short, your events advisor will spend their time and attention focusing on what your guests will see, hear and do, in an engaging and unique way that speaks directly to your requirements.

It’s all about creating the perfect experience, one that guests will carry on talking about long after the event has finished (and non-guests will wish they’d been invited to!)

They’re experienced 

Experience really is key when it comes to planning a smooth-running, high-quality event that’s memorable for all the best reasons.

An experienced events advisor will know exactly what could go wrong at any point, so they will do their homework right from the start.  They’ll have developed foolproof strategies and tools that ensure every last detail is checked and covered off.

That means for overseas trips, travel and accommodation will be flawlessly taken care of, while tech-driven events will incorporate all the right hook-ups (vital for ensuring that keynote speech can be heard loud and clear!)

They bring value

Considering the time-saving experience, knowledge and contacts they bring, it’s a devastating mistake to see a professional events advisor as a mere “nice to have”.

OK, so planning an important event by yourself, or allocating it to your staff, may seem like the cheaper option at first.  But are you and your team really capable of allocating the time and focus needed for event planning?  Is there the right expertise available to research and find the perfect venue while also trying to arrange the quality of event and the lasting guest experience you’re looking for?  Will you know what to do if something goes wrong at the last minute?

Working with a professional events advisor affords you the opportunity to be involved as much or as little as you like. With their help you can set and agree a clear and reasonable budget as well as discover unique venues for your event, with all costs accounted for at the outset. Your advisor’s knowledge and experience will also help maximise that budget to its greatest and most show-stopping effect, often with exclusive access to industry-insider deals and discounts.

In other words, the result of hiring a professional events advisor is very often a less expensive event overall, with less personal anxiety and better, longer-lasting memories for your guests.

Isn’t that a service worth investing in?


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