Ever envisioned embarking on a journey to the cosmos? Space Perspective is at the forefront of offering unparalleled luxury spaceflight experiences, aiming to broaden horizons by making the awe-inspiring view of Earth from space accessible to a wider audience. This extraordinary spaceflight venture promises to alter your understanding of our planet and our role in the universe profoundly.

Gliding gracefully at 12 mph towards the cosmos aboard Spaceship Neptune, powered by the innovative SpaceBalloon™, you’ll reach the edge of space. This journey doesn’t require rigorous training or subject you to intense g-forces, making space accessible like never before. Within the comfort of a pressurized capsule, enjoy a bespoke dining experience alongside your choice of beverages during the six-hour voyage. Crafted by leading experts and engineers, Space Perspective’s spaceflights stand out for their safety, comfort, and near-zero emissions.

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Spaceship Neptune features a highly tested SpaceBalloon™ and Reserve Descent System. Unlike any other human spaceflight vehicle, the capsule remains connected to the primary flight system the entire journey, which eliminates the complexity of switching to another flight system mid-flight. The SpaceBalloon™ is similar to those flown safely by NASA and other government agencies, for years.


When astronauts see our planet in the vast edge of space, they gain the visceral understanding that all of humanity lives together and is reliant on our Earth – that we are a single crew onboard it together. It is a deeply moving experience that stays with them for a lifetime, and many of them get involved in social and environmental causes because of this new consciousness.


Space Perspective leads the space industry in sustainability, protecting our planet with a nearly zero-emissions flight and by implementing policies that allow the company to be carbon neutral. In fact, a 2021 partnership with Cool Effects instituted carbon offsets, and SpaceBalloons™ are recycled after every use with materials being used in the bar within the pressurized capsule.


The interior onboard Spaceship Neptune is as beautiful as it is functional to enable everything from quiet contemplation to exhilarating celebration. The food and beverage service is completely customizable, and thanks to Wi-Fi, you are able to share your adventure with friends and family. Of course, there’s also a lavatory with a view like no other!

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