Croatia offers it all: limestone caverns, gorgeous lakes and the idyllic Adriatic islands … I could go on and on.

It’s a bucket-list destination with many cultural qualities to explore. That’s why I’m sharing ideas on how to experience everything that makes Croatia so unique, particularly the cuisine. I’m also sharing bucket-list festivals across Europe.

Additionally, I’m including the 2023 SELECT Collection issue, where you’ll discover even more spectacular destination ideas and added-value amenities. I can’t wait to hear about the properties and experiences that speak to you.

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Croatia is the epitome of a dream destination with its idyllic landscapes and warm Mediterranean climate. The cobalt Adriatic Sea and its sun-drenched coastline offer the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, with top-class amenities, gourmet cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, and world-class wines. Easily accessible from major U.S. cities and possessing 10 UNESCO world heritage sites, Croatia is a perfect setting for your next vacation, whether you are looking for a yacht charter, land tours or combining it both in a perfect travel blend. As a bonus, when you book a $10,000+ getaway through me, you’ll receive the gift of a Michelin-star restaurant experience — up to $500 in value.

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With rich cultural heritage and access to fresh ingredients from both land and sea, Croatia is a showstopper for culinary enthusiasts looking for unique, food-focused experiences. From the capital city of Zagreb to medieval Dubrovnik, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the country’s rich history makes for a well-rounded foodie getaway.

SEAFOOD | Try fresh-shucked oysters with a drizzle of Croatian olive oil for the ultimate in Adriatic flavour and a velvety-rich finish. If you’re up for something heartier, black risotto (crni rižot) combines cuttlefish, squid ink, garlic and olive oil for a seafood punch.

BOŠKARIN | When you visit the fine restaurants and taverns (konobas), you’ll see boškarin on the menu. It’s Istrian oxen that are a gourmet delicacy. This meat is prepared in a variety of ways and pairs well with cheese in the respective region.

TRUFFLES | Croatian truffles aren’t as well-known as Italian tartufi, but many travellers claim the former has a far stronger aroma. Let’s arrange a multi-course tasting menu with truffles and put your palate to the test.

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Beyond Croatia, Europe is a continent of diverse cultures and its festivals are the perfect way to experience them. Let’s arrange a cultural journey so you can take in the music, food and time-honored traditions. Here are a few of my favourite celebrations.

FIESTA DE SAN ISIDRO | This festival in Spain pays homage to the patron of Madrid starting May 15 every year. For five days, the streets are filled with music, dancing and the cuisine of Madrid. Part religious holiday, part celebration, this festival is an immersion in local heritage.

BASTILLE DAY | The French have been celebrating the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, for more than a century. The holiday celebrates French unity and in Paris, it includes a mix of solemn military parades, music, food, beverages and spectacular firework displays.

CARNIVAL OF VENICE | This celebration honours the victory of the Venice Republic over Aquileia more than 860 years ago. Since then, the triumph has been commemorated in Italy with elaborate costumes and masks over ten days in February. There are parades, balls, food and music throughout each day and well into the night.

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I just had to send you the 2023 SELECT Collection Issue because it’s the “little black book” of where to go and what to see. This year, the spotlight is on exciting destinations that will inspire your future getaways, including “Perfect Day” itineraries for Tokyo, the Dalmatian Coast, Dubai, Turks and Caicos, and Washington D.C. You’ll find your past favourites, too!

I recommend browsing through the Directory and Index sections to find the perfect property for your next escape. When you book a SELECT property with me, you’ll enjoy plenty of added-value amenities. Ask me about more information.

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History, art, music, cuisine — it’s these aspects that offer a complete view of day-to-day life in a new destination. One of the greatest benefits of travel is the opportunity to experience different cultures and ways of living, and advisors know how to showcase just that. With my expertise and world of resources, I’ll plan immersive experiences and encounters you’ll remember for a lifetime. Allow yourself to dream about the culture you’re most interested in, and I’ll make sure your trip leaves you better than when you left.

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